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Professional veterinary recruitment


Meet the team

  • David Maclellan

    David Maclellan

    Managing Director
    I have a real passion for the Veterinary industry, which propelled me into launching Vet Seekers Ltd back in 2016. I have over 13 years in the veterinary recruitment sector, thus giving me a vast insight and understanding of the market, along with the various roles and tasks related to the profession.

    Outside of work, I am a bit of a foody. I enjoy cooking and eating dishes from various countries and of course spending time with family an friends and the miniature Schnauzers Tash and Mazy!
  • Lucy Maclellan

    Lucy Maclellan

    My love for animals came from living abroad in Spain for five years when I managed a cat shelter in Denia called Aldea Felina. As most of you know Spain and many other countries including the UK suffer with many large stray cats and dogs and many are neglected, dumped when they get to be of an adult age and left to fend for themselves.

    After working for a veterinary recruitment agency, I am very fortunate to be part of Vet Seekers where I can offer a specialist bespoke service to both vets and nurses alike. I feel fortunate to work alongside these professionals and assist them with finding their next step in their veterinary careers.
  • Jacob Stott

    Jacob Stott

    Senior Consultant
    From my experience within the hospitality and payroll sectors I have developed a good understanding of people and how to build strong working relationships. I believe in being open, honest and positive in everything I do and pride myself on being meticulous with my day to day work.

    I come from a family who has always had pets and feel there is nothing better than coming home from work to a heart-warming meow or a woof. When I am not at work I am usually doing something which involves football! I also love to travel to new places, exploring cultures and trying the local food.

    I am very excited for this new opportunity to work at Vet Seekers and look forward to supporting you in any way possible.
  • Camilla


    Through my interest in all things equestrian, and owning two accident prone showjumping horses I have always been involved with the veterinary industry. I have recruited across various healthcare sectors for the past 3 years, and enjoy being able to give something back to an industry which has been and still is so important to me and my horses.

    Throughout the recruitment process I believe in being as transparent as possible, and giving the best experience to both the practice and the candidate. Changing jobs or taking on a new staff member can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming experience and I hope to be able to alleviate any concerns whilst acting with your best interests and future success as a priority.

    I look forward to supporting you in your hiring exercise or next step in your veterinary career!
  • James


    Coming from a pet mad family background, I understand the importance of ensuring the very best veterinary professionals are in place, to ensure the health and wellbeing of beloved pets, should they require attention.

    I have experience in recruitment and bring a whole host of skills to the Vet Seekers team. Outside of work, I am never too far away from a football pitch, either playing myself or following my team up and down the country. Aside from sport, I am always found in a restaurant trying new cuisine or simply out with friends.
  • Alison Hickman

    Alison Hickman

    I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse and very proud of it. Although I currently work very part-time in practice I do regularly volunteer at my local clinic to keep my hand in and skills current. I also locum for them when they need it. The rest of my working time is spent as a PA in my family business and writing my RVN Blog for Vet Seekers.

    I am a Pet Auntie to my friends and neighbours dogs and cats. Pet sit? Yes please! Dog walk? Happy to help! I'm stoked to be asked

    When I can retire I'll adopt two rescue mutts. That's definitely my future furry goal.
  • Tash and Maisy

    Tash and Maisy

    The Brains
    Hi we're Tasha and Maisy, two Miniature Schnauzers aged 9 and 6. As you can see... we're adorable together! We also go by the names off Two Poos Tash and Crazy Maisy, because... well... it's who we are