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What is a typical working day at Vet Seekers as a recruitment consultant like?

What is a typical working day at Vet Seekers as a recruitment consultant like?

  • Each day starts at the end of the previous one when you write a to do list for the next day, which really helps our team prioritise their work.
  • You may arrive early, or perhaps have a doctor's appointment that morning - it's part of life. You could make use of the free parking or travel via the train or bus. These are both only a 5-minute walk down the cobbled road leading up to Conyngham Hall Business Centre, a lovely modern grade 2 listed building next to the river Nidd in the historic town of Knaresborough.
  • You come in make a coffee, have a natter with the team and always expect to be asked what you had for tea the night before (a standard here!).
  • Depending on the day you may have a team huddle or one-to-one discussion to run through any support you may need or bounce ideas / ask for advice on a candidate from other team members.
  • You check your emails and review your to do list so that you can prioritise your day. From your efforts the day before, there is always veterinary candidates for you to start discussions with and veterinary practices that have reached out for your assistance.
  • You don't need to do a lot of administrative tasks or create job adverts because you will pass these on to our amazing in-house support team. Instead, you can just concentrate on the recruitment cycle!
  • You qualify a new veterinary superstar and discuss their criteria, long term ambitions and suitability. You then explain how you work, what you can do for them and run through relevant job opportunities.
  • The candidate wants to be put forward and they look like a great fit for the position (your feeling good). You gain permission to move forward and obtain relevant compliance.
  • You come off the phone feeling somewhat excited, as you know you can help this candidate find right position.
  • You make a coffee in the very modern kitchen and grab an apple.
  • You then speak with the point of contact at the veterinary practice and submit your candidate following our internal processes.
  • You get to work sourcing other suitable options to match the candidate's desired criteria and start the processes again.
  • Before you know it, it's lunchtime. You may go for a run around the beautiful grounds, play a game of golf, make use of the onsite shower facilities or head to the pub for a meal, just 5 minutes walk away.
  • You come back from lunch and get the buzzing feeling as the client calls in and wants to arrange an interview with your candidate - YES!
  • Interview date arranged, paperwork sent out and you prep your candidate for the interview.
  • You run through a few more emails, look back at your to do list and start the process again with another candidate.
  • Coffee time again - you may go for a brief walk to get some fresh air to take a break from the screen.
  • You follow up with any candidates or clients and create your to do list for the next day.
  • You receive an email about a team meal out – GREAT cant wait!
  • You leave thinking about what a productive day you've had and head for a well-deserved drink after work!
  • But the day isn't over as sometimes you will talk to candidates outside of normal working hours, this is recruitment!
  • If it's a Friday we finish early to reflect on the week over a drink at the local pub.

Recruitment is demanding, fast-paced and rewarding in many ways. If you're willing to work hard, it can be a fantastic long-term rewarding career.

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