Lucy Battersby

My love for animals came from living abroad in Spain for five years when I managed a cat shelter in Denia called “Aldea Felina”. As most of you know Spain and many other countries including the UK suffer with many large stray cats and dogs and many are neglected, dumped when they get to be of an adult age and left to fend for themselves.

Despite having to see and deal with many sad stories each day we all still continued because we had such passion about what we did and we helped thousands of cats and kittens over the years.

When I had to return to the UK after five years I wanted to find a way to still be involved in the animal field, so it felt fitting to move into recruitment and work alongside veterinary professionals, which gives me great pleasure and I still very much feel connected to the animal kingdom.

After working for a veterinary recruitment agency, I am very fortunate to be part of this new and exciting venture at Vet Seekers where I can offer a bespoke service to both vets and nurses alike. I feel fortunate to work alongside these professionals and assist them with finding their next step in their careers.
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