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Harmonious Working Environment

Harmonious Working Environment

Harmonious means happy.

Empathy, appreciation, and understanding are amongst the main things that employees want within their workplace. Achieving these three things will create a harmonious working environment.

How do you achieve them?


Regular team meetings where people within the organisation can come together and share ideas and hear about what's happening with everyone else within the organisation. This opens communication levels and creates a culture where the staff feel more nurtured and taken care of with their voices being heard. Involve everyone in settings goals for the vision for the organisation. This will create a sense of belonging and being listened to.


Create a culture where each employee respects everybody's role within the organisation. Senior team members / management can promote an ethos that every person within the company is equal. This enables and supports team spirit across various departments. By understanding everyone's role creates respect and understanding that everyone is working together to meet the same goal. Treat people how you would like to be treated.


Reward good work. Offer praise. Reward those who go above and beyond.

Be consistent and cooperative

Teamwork and building strong working relationships doesn't happen overnight in an organisation and it doesn't happen by one induction or meet the team when a new employee starts. Management needs to continually re-in force, lead by example and be consistent with how they proactively continue to provide a harmonious culture. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

Ongoing encouragement and praise, communication, respect, collaboration and understanding of roles, ensures that everyone knows they are all working towards a common goal actively promotes and creates a harmonious working environment.

Tips & ideas to create a harmonious working environment

  1. Positive language. Use positive language when speaking with fellow employees. Starting sentences with “I'm impressed with” or “I appreciate “
  2. Please and thank you. Keep your Ps and Qs up. Its polite and it makes people feel appreciated.
  3. Motivate others. A motivational quote of the day on the wall to help inspire. Look at ways to motivate people around you.
  4. Celebrate wins.
  5. Celebrate events! Birthdays, marriages, pregnancies, new house, promotions – anything and everything! By cards, flowers, chocolates – CAKE!
  6. Listen. Promote active listening even in situations where there are disagreements. Trying to understand other viewpoints helps move towards a good compromise.
  7. Fun. Support and promote fun! No one wants to work in a boring environment.
  8. Be kind.
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