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Vet Seekers GDPR Commitment:

We do understand that our valued clients do receive multiple CV's for the same candidates from time to time, which can create a bit of a dilemma. We would like to point out that Vet Seekers fully adheres to ICO / GDPR guidelines and hopes our clients do same.

Nowadays it's definitely not the case of which agency sent the CV first (this is an old-school Recruitment that is outdated by the law itself) but for an agency to submit a candidate (speculatively or otherwise), they must obtain explicit permission from candidate about the role discussed. Secondly, the UK courts are generally unwilling to uphold a “first to introduce” approach and instead imply the “effective cause” principle.

If the other agency/agencies can't provide this, then there should be alarm bells raised around the governance and compliance of the agency that cannot produce this important legal correspondence and that they may well be in breach of GDPR / ICO regulations. If this is the case, please be aware that personal data has been transferred unlawfully.

If you receive a CV submission from an agency that is unsolicited or without the candidates consent, it's strongly recommended to openly reject the candidates CV and the introduction itself from the agency that has not gained correct lawful consent.

In essence, if you receive a candidates CV from multiple agencies and as your veterinary practice is compliant with the ICO / GDPR processes, then it should come down to which agency can provide you “the client” with the candidates explicit consent stating that they would like a particular agency (Vet Seekers) to represent them on behalf of said role. You will find that Vet Seekers has obtained the lawful consent and will be able to prove evidence of this.

Hopefully this will assist you to make a conscious decision and have peace of mind that you are working with a truly ethical recruiter that is here to assist you in developing and installing a nice robust process internally that will give you confidence that your supply chain is compliant AND competent.

Vet Seekers GDPR Commitment:

  • GDPR Privacy policy /agreement on our website and every job - https://www.vetseekers.co.uk/privacy
  • Our CRM / Website provides full GDPR automation / notification
  • Our Skills forms have candidate GDPR agreements in place
  • All our GDPR processes are in place for Candidates to have the “right to be forgotten” or “access their data and ask you to rectify it” etc
  • We have GDPR Metrics / Audits in place and a company data controller
  • Our Servers / Software vendors are fully GDPR compliant and are regular checked
  • Vet Seekers is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office)
  • All Vet Seekers Jobs adhere to advertising legislation
  • Our VS team is fully up to speed with legal and ethical requirements in recruitment and has ongoing training on new updates
  • We obtain candidate consent for each and every job application as standard

A good recruiter would never send a candidates CV without prior consent, so make sure you chose / work with ones that are fully compliant and right for you.

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