Asking the boss for a raise

It’s not often I have had to prompt my boss for a raise in juicy beetles or ask her to appreciate my undoubted talents by upping the ‘Spikes Dinner’ rations in my evening dish but, yes, I admit it! There has been the odd occasion when she has slipped up and taken me too much for granted. A hedgehog cannot continue to happily live on meagre means, nor be inappropriately appreciated, thus matters need to be sorted! So, how did I go about successfully persuading her to agree to my demands?

It’s all in the planning. Who was it that said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”? (Answer below, if you’re interested!).

Ӣ Refer to Vet Suppliers!
Ӣ Ask a colleague who is a member of SPVS to access the latest
(2015) salary survey.
Ӣ Check out job-ads.
Ӣ WARNING: Be careful about asking your colleagues how much
they earn as some organisations frown heavily on this
practice. If you do, do it, be extremely discreet!
Ӣ Decide on a top figure you would be ecstatic to receive and a
bottom line figure as your absolute minimum.
”¢ Decide whether you will consider other ‘benefits’ in lieu of (or in addition to) a pay increase, and what they will be, such as additional paid holidays or CPD.

”¢ Choose a day and date when you know your boss isn’t rushed, is in a good mood and book the time out in the diary.
”¢ Don’t be afraid to cancel the meeting if the day runs away from either you or your boss. Re-book it for another day, rather than rush it through.
”¢ Some bosses like a ‘heads-up’ about the reason for the meeting. So tell them it is to discuss your salary; but don’t get drawn into a conversation about it before you are prepared to do so. On the spot challenges can be intimidating and result ina poor outcome!
Ӣ Otherwise, simply just ask for a meeting and be non-specific about the reason.

Ӣ There is no point in being over modest. Toot your trumpet!
Ӣ Perhaps ask a colleague to tell you what they think of your performance and Рgulp! Рactually believe them when they give you praise.
Ӣ Set out your specific reasons for requesting a pay raise. What have you done to exceed/excel?
Ӣ How have you supported the team?
Ӣ How have you improved the business?
Ӣ Write it all down in bulletpoints and take your notes into the meeting to refer to.

Ӣ Smile and be calm. Perhaps offer to make a cuppa for the pair of you.
”¢ DON’T say that you are not paid enough. That’s a direct challenge and is bound to aggravate.
Ӣ DO say that you have been considering all your responsibilities and how they could be represented in your pay.
Ӣ After you have spoken; ask your boss what they think, and then importantly: sit back, be silent, and allow your boss to speak.
”¢ Listen to what they have to say. Don’t interrupt.

The nitty gritty
”¢ If they ask you for your ideal salary amount — give them the ‘ecstatic’ one. Say, “I would be ecstatic with £x.”
”¢ DON’T give up the very second they draw their breath and say “no”. That’s part of the negotiating skill. Wait. Ask why they feel you cannot have a salary increase.
Ӣ Ask them what would consider a reasonable offer and, importantly, when it would take effect from.
Ӣ If this is within your hoped for salary range/benefits package, and you want to accept it, thank them politely and advise them that you will consider it.
Ӣ Accept it in writing, confirming the amount and start date.
Ӣ If not within your salary range / benefits package; ask whether a salary review is feasible in the future and if so when.
Ӣ Respond in writing to confirm this date. Diarise to set up a meeting for the date. Between now and then, prepare your case again.
”¢ If you do decide you need to leave because the gap betweenwhat you wish/need to earn and what is being offered, DON’T throw a tantrum and threaten to leave. Be professional. Be discreet. Resolve to make plans to find another job and, when you do, resign with your head held high.

Other ideas
Ӣ If you are working a lot of additional time, which has prompted your call for a raise, ask to reduce your hours and remain on your existing salary. At the very least it will give you more time to look for another job.
Ӣ Ask for paid overtime.
”¢ Ask your boss how they feel you can improve in the coming months, which might encourage a pay increase or bonus as a reward. Don’t forget to record this in writing (evidence of intent and timescales). You never know – if you switch your focus over to what they think is necessary – they may be more inclined to cough up!